Dental Fillings

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We use fillings to replace a decayed or damaged tooth structure. Portions of a tooth can be missing due to injury, fracture, or decay. When our dentist detects a cavity, it is necessary to repair the tooth. For that purpose, the damaged part is removed, and the gap is restored with filling material. As a result, dental fillings help strength a weakened structure. They also help maintain function and the aesthetic appeal of the tooth.

Signs of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is often detected first by a dental exam or an x-ray. It is common for a budding cavity to be caught before you experience any symptoms. In fact, it is important that decay is treated early before it worsens. By the time you feel pain, the decay has progressed. In that case, you may need more extensive treatment.

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Dental Filling Materials

Today, there are several materials available for repairing teeth. Most fillings consist of a composite resin infused with glass fibers for durability and strength. Common tooth-colored fillings are made of composite and porcelain materials. We will help you determine the best restoration for your situation.

Composite Dental Fillings:

The most widely used filling material at All Smiles Dental Care is composite resin. This tooth-colored filling is designed to match the shade of your natural smile. Special adhesives are used to bond the filling to the affected area of the tooth. Since it hardens instantly, you can quickly get back to your day.

Porcelain Tooth Fillings:

When a greater amount of the tooth structure is missing or damaged, porcelain may be used to fix it. This type of restoration is custom made in a dental lab. Porcelain inlays and onlays are long-lasting and durable.