Four Facts about Dental Bonding

Four Facts about Dental Bonding

Jul 01, 2020

In simple terms, dental bonding is more or less a coverup job. A special dental resin is created, which covers up the imperfections of your teeth. The resin fuses with your teeth to improve the appearance.

People often go for dental Bonding because it is not expensive, like other dental treatments. Not just that, it is an instantaneous process and can be accomplished in a single visit. If you are looking for teeth Bonding in Hazlet, NJ, visit All Smiles Dental Care.

Do you have some concerns and questions regarding dental bonding? Here are some facts which will help create a better understanding of dental bonding:

  1. Dental Bonding can Fix Different Dental Imperfections.

Cracked or chipped teeth affect your smile and also dental health. We have several dental treatments that can help improve your smile, including bonding. Dental Bonding is an effective treatment for minor imperfections.

Teeth bonding is most commonly used in conditions like discoloration, cracks, and chips. Besides this, most people opt for dental bonding to fix decayed and fractured teeth.

Bonding also helps close gaps between the teeth. You can change the color, the shape, or the length of your teeth using dental bonding.

  1. The Dental Bonding Process is Quick and Non-invasive

Dental bonding is a simple process that does not require any prior preparations, and it takes around 30 to 45 minutes. The bonding procedure is done in a few steps that include:

  • Dental preparation

Local anesthesia is not used, but if decay is present, the dentist may numb the gums before performing a root canal treatment. The dentist will choose a shade that resembles the natural teeth.

  • The Bonding

The dentist will roughen and condition the teeth to make it easy for the resin to stick. The tooth-colored resin is applied, molded, and smoothened. The dentist will use a laser light to harden the resin and further trim the excess material.

Finally, the teeth are polished for an attractive look. You can have it done in one sitting, and it lasts for at least five years.

     3. Dental Bonding has Few Pros and Cons.

Dental bonding is an inexpensive procedure which offers you the opportunity to achieve the dental appearance you have always wanted: no more yellow teeth, decayed teeth, or chipped teeth. Plus, unlike crowns and veneers at Hazlet dentistry for dental bonding, it is incredibly affordable.

Another great advantage of teeth bonding is not time-consuming and does not require any teeth preparation. The results of dental bonding are long-lasting, ranging from five to ten years.

On the downside, dental bonding is not an ideal treatment for severe dental decay. Once your teeth have crossed a certain level of damage due to decay, it is impossible to fix it using dental bonding. Root canal, teeth fillings, and crowns are suitable for severe decay.

Also, dental bonding is not as durable and strong as veneers and crowns, and that is why our dentists use it as a temporary treatment.

  1. Bonding does not require any Special Care.

Bonded teeth do not require any unique or special dental care because they look and function just like your natural teeth.

However, you need proper dental hygiene to keep your teeth healthy. Remember, bonding does not protect against dental decay.

Also, avoid overconsumption of coffee and tea because they can discolor, and once they do, you cannot whiten them. Plus, they can crack and chip, and you will need a replacement.

It is recommended that you come for your routine dental checkups.

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Dental bonding does sound like a great option if you have minor dental imperfections such as decay, cracked, or chipped teeth. If you are ready to get a smile makeover, make an appointment at All Smile Dental Care and get rid of your dental imperfections. We offer stellar treatment that is guaranteed to give you the best results.

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