Dental Crowns in Hazlet, NJ

Damage to your teeth isn’t irreparable because your teeth are repairable. If you have damage like broken teeth or tooth loss, then you could be a good candidate for dental crowns. Crowns can also improve how your teeth look.

Reasons to Get Crowns

An untreated cavity usually leads to worsening tooth decay, which may result in having a root canal. A root canal, which is done by an endodontist, weakens the tooth’s structure, and unless it has a crown, the tooth can break by accidentally biting down too hard on it.

Our dentists at All Smiles Dental Care may also use crowns with dental bridges, to “cap” teeth to improve their appearance or to protect a cracked tooth to keep it from breaking apart. Crowns can help small teeth look bigger or cover teeth stained internally by medications.

Materials for Crowns

Crowns are available in several materials to ensure they are durable and provide our patients in Hazlet, NJ with nice-looking teeth. Below are some of the materials used for dental crowns.


Crowns consist of metals like gold, which is mixed with other metals to make the crown harder. Along with being costly, pure gold isn’t used to make crowns, and it is very soft. The other metals that they mix with it make the crown gives it durability. However, some people are allergic to metals, including gold.


Dentists use porcelain for crowns because it resembles natural teeth. Unless someone knows you have a crown, they probably would never know because the material makes the crows look natural. Since they also restore function, you can eat and drink normally and brush and floss them like natural teeth too.

Porcelain Fused with Zirconia

The same material that jewelers use to create realistic looking diamonds also has dental applications. Zirconia is a hard substance and, when it’s bonded with porcelain for crowns, it has a stronger bond than porcelain fused to gold.

Using any of these crowns can give you back your smile and the use of your teeth. Make an appointment with us at All Smiles Dental Care to find out if dental crowns are right for you.

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