Emergency Dentist in Hazlet, NJ

When a dental emergency strikes, you want to know that you’re in very experienced hands. Our expert dentists at All Smiles Dental Care are not only equipped with the latest technological devices to treat urgent dental needs, but they’ve consistently provided comprehensive dentistry to patients of all ages during all phases of their dental health.

We believe that every patient in need of dental treatment should be able to receive it, whether it’s for a planned appointment or a dental emergency. That’s why we invite you to call our office 24/7 if you believe you need an emergency dentist near you. Our team speaks English, Spanish, Polish, Hindi, and Punjabi to conveniently serve our patients from different backgrounds.

During your call, one of our emergency dentists or a member of our dental care team will triage your concern to determine the best next steps to be taken. For example, if you’ve had a tooth knocked out, you’ll receive instruction on treating the gum area at home until you can be seen in our office. Likewise, if you are experiencing bleeding gum when you brush and floss, you may learn that this is not a true dental emergency but something that can wait until our next available appointment.

The takeaway is that we invite you to call our office for emergency dentistry in Hazlet, NJ, so we can provide you with critical next-step care that could make a difference in your long-term oral health.

Take Steps Today for Preventive Care

During routine preventive dentistry exams, you may learn that small concerns can be more easily treated before they become larger ones.

For example, our dentists perform an oral cancer screening during every comprehensive dental exam. Reports suggest that dental professionals like our dentists at All Smiles Dental Care can detect about 84 percent of oral cancers through this screening.

Additionally, during your regularly scheduled exams and teeth cleaning appointments, our dental care team will be able to detect early signs of tooth fracture, gum disease, and more. When undiagnosed or left untreated, these conditions can lead to not only a need for emergency dentistry but can also increase your risk of tooth loss.

Call Us Now for Emergency Dentistry Near You

Even if you’re not currently a patient of All Smiles Dental Care, we invite you to call our office now so you can receive care from an emergency dentist near you.

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