Mouthguard in Hazlet, NJ

If you have a child that’s involved in a contact sport like football or hockey, it can be frightening to watch them take a hit. Some hits around the head and face can damage teeth, the soft tissues of the mouth, and can result in concussions. Fortunately, custom mouthguards can protect your young athlete’s mouth and brain from serious injury.

Reducing Risk of Injuries

Custom mouthguards reduce the risk of injuries from deliberate or accidental hits in contact sports. An accidental elbow to the face in basketball or a high tackle in football could break teeth, split lips, or cause damage to the jaw. Traditional mouthguards from sporting goods stores don’t always prevent injuries.

Store-bought Mouthguards

Two types of mouthguards are available in most sport goods stores, stock and boil and bite models. Stock mouthguards are mass-produced from inexpensive plastic that is uncomfortable to wear. They may move around in the mouth, which doesn’t adequately protect your child’s teeth or jaw, plus they make breathing difficult and talking almost impossible.

Boil and bite models are a bit better because they mold to your child’s teeth, so they provide a better fit. Unfortunately, the impression in the plastic doesn’t last because it begins to rise over time. Then, the mouthguard will fit loosely, which can allow damage to the teeth, mouth, or a concussion if your child gets hit.

Avoid Concussions with Mouthguards

A custom mouthguard that one of our dentists at All Smiles Dental Care in Hazlet, NJ, can make for your child does a much better job of preventing concussions. Molded from the impression of your child’s teeth, a custom mouthguard fits their mouth perfectly. Along with preventing damage to their teeth or jaw, mouthguards can help brain injuries too.

Custom mouthguards are thicker than the type sold in stores, which plays a part in preventing concussions and traumatic brain injuries. A mouthpiece helps to cushion the teeth, protect the jaw, and prevent brain injuries because they help absorb the shock of a hit and provide stabilization to the head and neck.

If you’re the parent of a young athlete, don’t take chances with store-bought mouthguards. Call All Smiles Dental Care about getting a custom mouthguard for him or her.

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