Scaling and Root Planing in Hazlet, NJ

Most people receive a routine dental cleaning at least once a year at the dentist’s office. This procedure is for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. If these visits are not kept, however, and if proper oral care habits are also not kept, oral health can be put at risk. Bacteria can build up along the gumline, causing gum disease, which can be a serious condition. If it is caught early enough, your dentist at All Smiles Dental Care should be able to stop the damage from progressing and restore health to the gums. A scaling and root planing procedure is one way to do this in Hazlet, NJ.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

This procedure is also known as a deep cleaning. While a routine cleaning focuses on the tooth surfaces up to the gumline, a deep cleaning goes underneath the gumline as well.

In the scaling portion of the treatment, your dentist at All Smiles Dental Care will thoroughly clean the teeth and gums to remove all traces of plaque and tartar from both above and below the gumline, reaching as far as the bottom of the pocket. Root planing consists of having the tooth roots smoothed out. This discourages bacteria from collecting in the treated areas again and helps the gums to reattach to the teeth.

This procedure may require more than one appointment, and your dentist may use a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort.

Why is a Scaling and Root Planing Needed?

This procedure is one way to fight and reverse gum disease at our dental office near you in Hazlet, NJ. In its earliest stages, gum disease can be addressed with routine cleaning. Scaling and root planing are needed if the bacteria have reached further down into the pockets between the gums and teeth. Failing to treat gum disease as soon as it is detected can lead to more serious issues such as a bone recession or tooth loss.

Following the treatment, you may need to return for a follow-up appointment so that your dentist can check to see that you are healing properly. All Smiles Dental Care is proud to be available to help look after your oral health. Scaling and root planing treatments in Hazlet, NJ, is one way we do that.

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