Snoring Solutions in Hazlet, NJ

Snoring seems like a minor issue, but it can be difficult to handle for people being kept awake by their own trouble breathing at night.

If you are seeking dental snoring solutions in Hazlet, NJ, contact us at All Smiles Dental Care. We are a team of preventive and restorative dental professionals focused on your oral care, whether it be in the office or how you manage conditions at home.

Dental Snoring Solutions

Few people realize they can see their local dentist about a snoring problem. Snoring occurs for many reasons, ranging from allergies to weight gain around the neck and throat. However, another common cause is the angle of the jaws.

When someone has a misalignment or malocclusion, it can affect how well they breathe both through the nose and mouth. In some cases, a poor jaw angle can result in more severe breathing problems.

To correct snoring caused by a misalignment, our staff can create a dental appliance for professional oral appliance therapy.

Oral Appliance Therapy

During this type of treatment, our dentist takes x-rays of the jaws and makes a mold of your natural dental alignment. This information is uploaded to our state of the art dental modeling systems, which help identify a position in which you can more comfortably breathe while asleep.

Once the proper position is identified, all of the information is sent to our dental lab. The technicians there create your personal oral appliance, which is then fitted and adjusted so you can wear it while you sleep.

The Benefits

The main benefit of our snoring solutions near you is the ability to breathe easily while sleeping and not wake your partner with snoring. The appliance is designed to be simple and comfortable to wear, and it does not pose any risks to your health.

How to Receive Treatment

The simplest way to receive dental treatment for snoring is to schedule a consultation with our office. During this visit, our dentist can determine whether or not you would benefit from a dental snoring solution.

For more information, come see us today at All Smiles Dental Care in Hazlet, NJ.

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