Traditional Braces

Today, there is a variety of orthodontic treatment choices from traditional and ceramic braces to Invisalign trays. However, not everyone is a candidate for clear braces or aligners.

The doctors and the oral healthcare professionals at All Smiles Dental Care, located near you in Hazlet, NJ, want to educate its patients, current and new, on the metal braces of today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Braces

Traditional braces remain the best option for correcting extreme overcrowding and misalignments. The orthodontist has the needed control to move teeth in small increments over time.

The main disadvantage of traditional braces is the metal-mouth appearance for those who are self-conscious. However, today’s traditional braces are more visually appealing than those of past years. There is now a wide range of colors for the brackets and the elastics for the patient to choose from. It is fun to add color and variety to the metal.

Taking Care of Braces

If traditional braces are the choice treatment of the orthodontist, then below are some things to be made aware of during the treatment.

  • Not all foods are braces-friendly – All chewy, hard, and crunchy foods need to be avoided. Fruits and vegetables may need to be cut into pieces so as not to get stuck between the brackets. The orthodontist will provide a list of foods to avoid along with instructions for eating.
  • Brush and floss appropriately – Proper oral care is always important, but it is even more important with traditional braces. A special brush will be recommended to get into the crevices and around the different surfaces of the braces. In time, brushing and flossing will get easier.
  • Keep all follow-up appointments – It is important to keep all appointments for the orthodontist to monitor progress and oral care.
  • Maintain consistent dental exams during the orthodontic treatment – The orthodontist does not replace the dentist.

Typically, the treatment period of traditional braces is longer than the aligner options. If the instructions of the orthodontist are followed, and all appointments are kept, the reward of straight teeth will be worth it!

If you would like a consultation for advice on traditional braces for you, or for a member of your family, then please contact the oral healthcare professionals at All Smiles Dental Care, located in Hazlet, NJ, where new patients are always welcome.

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